About JM Judge & Associates

J. M. Judge & Associates LLC, is a Texas Based company that focuses on state-of-the-art claim documentation for its customers. With over 55 years of experience in construction, Insurance Appraiser, Umpire, Expert witness, estimator and Meditation services. JM Judge and its team strive to provide Competent, Non-biased, Neutral and fair information to its customers.

One of the ways we do this is by Using our interactive 3D 4K Walk Through Technology. This system freezes the job site in time, inside and out, basically you can capture everything but the smell. Utilizing 3D 4K Walk Through Technology when going into natural disasters like flood, fire and hail you will be able to see the condition of that property at the time we did the photo documentation rather than months later after the site has been cleaned up.

You will have this documentation at your fingertips at any time, all you need is access to the internet. 3D photo documentation helps guard against evidence spoliation, so as soon as the first responders are finished, ideally, we need to be there documenting the loss.

If you are creating an estimate for the loss, this detailed interactive 3D documentation will speed up the process of estimate writing. One of the additional benefits of 3D photo documentation is that it gives you an accurate floor plan, invaluable tool to estimate writing.

Reviewing photos of a loss is much easier with a 3D walk through than with individual photographs. Let us show you the ease of going directly to a specific item in the loss. With hundreds of still photos, that takes up countless space, time and expense our documentation allows for rapid access to any specific item in the claim.

There are countless things that this technology can do, allow us to set up a demonstration for you. You may contact any of the individuals listed below at (940)648-0111, or simply CLICK HERE to complete a general information request.

James “Max” Judge – Owner
JT King – Claims Manager
Randall Box – General Manager

We look forward to furthering your business.